Erythres (former known as Kriekouki) is a village of west Attica. It lays on the North-West side of Attica, built in a height of 390 meters in east slopes of Kithairona’s mountain. Even if it belongs in the area of Attica it is connected more with the administrative center of Thebes, with which they are close enough. It has a population around 3.326 of citizens.

Erythres owe its name in the ancient Boeotian town of Erythres that was in the same area. The citizens of ancient Erythres established the homonymous colony in Ionia that is across Chios Island. Today’s village has been created back on the 15th century from people called “Arvanites” that settled in the area and they are responsible for the former name of “Kriekouki” (that in their dialect means red head). The village changed its name to Erythres in 1950.

Kithaironas is a mountain full of pines, between the mountain Patera, Gerania Ori and Parnitha. It is on the borders of Attica-Boeotia, between the mountainous communities of them. The highest peak of Kithairona’s mountain is called Profitis Elias or Elatias and its hight is 1.409 meters. Its vegetation type is the same as the one in near Parnitha. It has a lot of pines even on lower levels and a fir forest around its highest peak. According to the Mythology, its name is due Kithairona, mythic King of Plataea.

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